Paper Yarn Experiments. “Controlled Freedom”

From the beginning this was my interpretation of paper manipulation.  I wanted to do something different with paper rather than cut and fold it.  I began with some research into paper.  I examined how paper was made and from this I found a Japanese method of spinning paper.  My early experimentations with this method were unsuccessful, so I decided to attempt to develop my own way of spinning paper,  by hand on a drop spindle.

The spinning process is very controlled, however it can create quite taut and loose formations.  The primary form that comes from spinning with the drop-spindle is similar to that of a cocoon.  The spun paper is enclosed within itself, tightly or loosely depending on how the spinning method.

From here I hope to create a series of multiple pieces allocated together to form one large sculptural formation using this spinning method.  This may be a draped piece or free-stand.

All these pieces will embody control and freedom.   One word that I hope my work will embody is Vicissitudes – Alternations to Opposites. Alternation between opposite or contrasting things.

Hand Spun Paper Yarn 3 Ply.

The image above is of hand-spun paper in three different colours.  I then plied the three individual colours together.  During this process this natural cocoon formation occurs on the drop spindle.

Thinking about colours spun together.

Thinking about Thick and Thin Yarns Contrasts

Above are examples of my spun paper.  Here I am experimenting with colours layered together. White yarn spun formations grouped together.

Hand Spun Paper Yarn.

Above are spun pieces straight off the drop spindle ready for being wrapped together to form the cocoon like structure below.

“Cut Into Control”

I wanted to examine the inner body of the structure so decided to cut it in half.  As I cut through I found the scene that unfolded before me to be quite interesting, and engaging and so I left the piece half-cut to reveal the coloured layers within.

“Cut into Control” – Three colours of Paper Yarn cut through.

Several photos to observe how my objects can be viewed from different angles.

Close-up of “Cut Into Control”.

Close-up shot.  I find the photos themselves interesting, depending on how you take the photo these can be more visually stimulating especially as a close-up shot.

Close-up – “Cut Into Control”

Side view I really like the cut edge here on the spun paper yarn.

Spun Paper Yarn.

Above is an example of 2 sheets of paper 50 x 76cm spun on the drop spindle.  Experimenting with colours.

Hand Spun Red Yarn with Loose Paper.

Spun paper contrasts with the cut paper strips, before and after spinning.

Drop Spindle.

Above is a close-up of the paper on the drop spindle ready for spinning.

Free Standing Pieces to consider within my collection.
Free Standing Pieces to consider within my collection.

Above are more examples of grouping together but also thinking of different sizes.  I really like the loose end element and would like to explore this further.  Also thinking about colour.

Thinking about Multiples, presentation of objects arranged together. Important factors to consider within an exhibition space.

Thinking on ways of grouping multiples of the same object together.

Thinking about multiples grouped in different formations.

Thinking of what your work looks like from different perspectives.

What a colour can do to create a more interesting impact to the viewer.

“Blue Within” – Hand Spun White Paper Yarn and Blue Dye.

Above is an example of experimenting with dye.  How the paper absorbs the dye, see image below here I have cut in half to see what happens within the structure with dye absorption.

“Freedom and Control”- Hand Spun Paper Ball Cut into Three Sections, Blue dye

“Multiples” – Hand Spun White Paper Yarn with Blue Dye. Hand Spun White Paper Yarn, Hand Spun White Paper Yarn, Blue Dye Cut into Three Sections.

Three contrasting pieces together, dye added, cutting in half to reveal dye within structure and spun yarn without dye added. Here I am thinking about dye absorption and control.

Preparation For “Controlled and Freedom” – Hand Spun Paper Yarn in White and Red.

From these images it is interesting to see they have a much bigger in scale appearance. I am thinking of large-scale pieces which could work better? Above is a before shot before wrapped together to reveal the final outcome below.

“Controlled Freedom” – Hand spun white paper yarn, red spun paper yarn cut sections.

I really like the angle of this photo showing a section of the structure, very controlled white spun paper contrasting with the red cut paper elements.

“Control and Freedom” – Hand spun paper yarn white around hand spun paper red. Hand spun paper yarn white around hand spun paper yarn red then cut through centre.

Two contrasting pieces, control contrasting with freedom.  Tightly wrapped piece with cut piece.

Close-up of Hand Spun Paper Yarn Simple cut Through centre.

Close-up of cut yarn.  Again visually interesting captured close-up.

“Freedom and Chaos” – Hand Spun White Paper Yarn surrounding Hand Spun Red Paper Yarn. Hand Spun White Paper Yarn surrounding Hand Spun Red Paper Yarn Cut into.

“Freedom From Within” – Hand Spun Red Paper Yarn Cuts Wrapped Within White Spun Paper Yarn.

Above another experiment of tightly controlled.  Here I have derived inspiration from seeds and pods.  Elements concealed within each other.  As I see the yarn as entwined within each other it is controlling the elements within.  Control and Freedom.  I plan to explore more objects which represent control and freedom.  I have been deriving my inspiration from natural forms.  In particular seed pods because I feel these structures are very similar to the structures naturally formed within the spinning process.

More photos to follow……….


Visually Interesting….

Within my work I too like Valérie Buess want to create work that is visually interesting…..

valérie buess is a swiss artist who lives in germany. for the last twenty years she has worked primarily with paper creating intricate sculptures that often resemble urchins, coral and other underwater life.

 Paper Sculptures  Click on the link to bring you to a great newsletter I receive on a regular basis.  More great designers, pictures and reading.

Recently visited the Lost in lace Exhibition in Birmingham and came across this artist Chiharu Shiota.  I really like how she has brought colour into this collection of work.

Chiharu Shiota

Chiharu Shiota

Lots of threads, love it!

detailed view of the string-formed archway