Pencil sketches.

More pencil sketches to develop into digital and hand screen prints.

Image 1 – Campanula, pencil drawing.

Image 2 – Clematis, pencil drawing.

Image 3 – Bell Flower and Insects, pencil drawing.

Image 4 – Lords and Ladies, Pencil and paint.

Image 5 – Snowdrop bulb, pencil drawing.

Image 6  – Buttercups, pencil drawing.

Image 7  – Crocus, pencil drawing.

Image 8  – Dandelion seed head, pencil drawing.

Image 9  – Meadow Flower, pencil drawing.

Image 10   – Orchid pencil drawing.

Image 11   – Poppy, pencil, watercolour, black marker.


Photography Studio Trial run…

With the opportunity to use a professional photography studio, I thought I would test it out on my sample cushions and artwork.  With the help of the technician, who set up the equipment and lighting, here are my photos.

Image 1 – Three sample cushions

Image 2 – Four sample cushions

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Sample product – Cushions.

Image 1 – Sample cushions – 3 different sizes 40×40, 45×45, 60×60.

Image 2 – Black linen piping trim on 40×40 & 45×45 cushions. Green satin piping trim 60×60.

Image 3 – Dandelion Cushion. Hand Screen print, four colours on linen cloth, black linen piped trim, 40×40 cushion with feather inner. (Front view).

Image 4 – Co-ordinating (back view) of Dandelion cushion. Hand screen print, two colours.

Image 5 – Hand screen print, three colours on linen. Black linen piped trim. 45×45 cushion with feather inner.

Image 6 – Black piped trim detail on 45×45 cushion.

Image 7 – Bleeding Heart Cushion. Hand screen print, seven colours on cotton cloth. Green satin piped trim. 60×60 cusion with inner.

Image 8 – Bleeding Heart cushion.

Image 9 – Lords and Ladies Cushion. Hand screen print, four colours on cotton cloth. Black piped trim. 45×45 cushion and feather inner. (Front view)

Image 10 – Lords and Ladies Cushion. (back view) Hand screen print, four colours on cotton cloth.