Digital print colour testing.

Here are some examples of colour testing.  I found hand painting then scanning my drawings onto the computer was more effective than using the colouring tool in photoshop.

Image 1 – Testing pencil drawing on linen.

Image 2 – Pencil, paint and ink drawing, digital print onto cotton satin.

Image 3 – Close up of digital print on cotton satin.

Image 4 – Lupin pencil drawing scanned in with colouring added using photoshop.

Image 5 – Sections taken from several images for colour testing onto linen, digital print.

Image 6 – Close-up, digital print colour test on linen.

Image 6 – Colour testing on linen.

As seen in image above non coloured sections in image are showing up as yellow as this is the sketch book page.  I have gone back into photoshop to clean this up for a better print finish as below.

Image 7 – Colour test cleaned up digital print on linen.

Image 8 – Close-up cleaned up non coloured section of digital print on linen.

Image 9 – Insect colour testing digital print on linen.

Image 10 – Close-up colour test on linen.


Pencil sketches.

More pencil sketches to develop into digital and hand screen prints.

Image 1 – Campanula, pencil drawing.

Image 2 – Clematis, pencil drawing.

Image 3 – Bell Flower and Insects, pencil drawing.

Image 4 – Lords and Ladies, Pencil and paint.

Image 5 – Snowdrop bulb, pencil drawing.

Image 6  – Buttercups, pencil drawing.

Image 7  – Crocus, pencil drawing.

Image 8  – Dandelion seed head, pencil drawing.

Image 9  – Meadow Flower, pencil drawing.

Image 10   – Orchid pencil drawing.

Image 11   – Poppy, pencil, watercolour, black marker.