Digital printer.

Image 2 – From computer screen to cloth.

Image 3 – Close-up, printing in process.

Image 4 – Lots of colour flexibility with digital printing.

Image 5 – Nearly finished.

Image 6 – Long fabric length, pattern in repeat.

Image 7 – Botanical print on linen.

Image 8 – Botanical and insects.

Image 9 – Close-up digital print.

Image 10 – After a steam and a wash hanging up to dry in studio!

Image 11 – Getting busy at my desk.

Image 12 – Just needs a good ironing now and ready for show!


Digital Print Samples

From previous experimentation, here are some examples of digital prints.

In a previous post, I showcased the same print but hand-screen printed. ┬áThis time,┬ámy goal was to complete a digital print with as much “hand-printed” detail as possible.

Image 1 – Digital print Anemone on cotton.

Image 2 – Close-up Digital Print Anemone on Cotton.

Image 3 – Digital Print, this one was not so successful as I lost most of the black line detail in the leaves.

Image 4 – Close-up digital print on cotton.