Inside Demakervan

Another studio that I have mentioned in some of my previous posts, is Rotterdam-based Demakersvan, which are comprised of brothers Jeroen & Joep Verhoeven and Judith de Graauw.

They studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and collectively graduated in 2005.

Here is 45-minute interview that offers many (many) insights into the minds of Demakersvan.


Industrial Decoration

Lace Fence

Rotterdam-based Design House, Demakersvan first caught my eye when I saw their unique usage of Lace.  This piece, “The Lace Fence,” is very clever.

The Lace Fence

Demakersvan state that Industrial production inspires them and would be their main source of inspiration.  However, they also find beauty when you look at objects closely.

They recreate this delicate, small beauty on a larger scale in an industrial setting.

“Fencing is a sign how we modified and cultivated our environment.  Hostility versus kindness, industrial versus craft.”