Digital print colour testing.

Here are some examples of colour testing.  I found hand painting then scanning my drawings onto the computer was more effective than using the colouring tool in photoshop.

Image 1 – Testing pencil drawing on linen.

Image 2 – Pencil, paint and ink drawing, digital print onto cotton satin.

Image 3 – Close up of digital print on cotton satin.

Image 4 – Lupin pencil drawing scanned in with colouring added using photoshop.

Image 5 – Sections taken from several images for colour testing onto linen, digital print.

Image 6 – Close-up, digital print colour test on linen.

Image 6 – Colour testing on linen.

As seen in image above non coloured sections in image are showing up as yellow as this is the sketch book page.  I have gone back into photoshop to clean this up for a better print finish as below.

Image 7 – Colour test cleaned up digital print on linen.

Image 8 – Close-up cleaned up non coloured section of digital print on linen.

Image 9 – Insect colour testing digital print on linen.

Image 10 – Close-up colour test on linen.


Insect sketches.

Image 1 – Insect pencil drawings.

Image 2 – Insect pencil drawings from sketchbook.

Image 3 – Insect pencil drawing.

Image 4 – Butterfly from Archives, pencil drawing.
Image 5 – Moth pencil drawing.
Image 6 – Moths and snail, pencil drawing.

Image 7 – Cocoon and Caterpillar pencil drawing.

Image 8 – Damselfly, watercolour and pencil.
Image 9 – From archives, pinned butterfly pencil sketch.
Image 10- Corsham Court Archives, butterfly pencil drawings.

Image 11 – Butterfly pencil drawings from natural history archives Corsham Court.

Image 12 – Caterpillars, Pencil drawing.

Botanical Sketches

Despite the weather being amazing, I managed to make my Monday quite a productive day!

I completed some more sketches (in pencil) that I will be developing into prints.

Image 1 – Geranium pencil drawing.

Image 2 – Close-up Geranium pencil drawing.

Image 3 – close-up Geranium. A hairy one!

Image 4 – Lupin.

Image 5 – Lupin pencil sketch.

Image 6 – Caterpillar.

Image 7 – Honeysuckle.

Image 8 – Honeysuckle.

Pattern Variations

Experimentation with pattern repeats.  Hand-drawn images scanned into Photoshop, then developed into a pattern repeat.

More time spent in the print room; check out imagery of test sampling below.

Image 1 – More bugs screen print.

Image 2 -  Screen print bug.

Image 2 – Screen print bug.

Image 3 – Experimentation with stripe pattern and floral.

Image 4 – Close up. Screen print on cotton.

Image 5 – Small scale pattern repeat with large scale contrast, screen print on cotton.

Image 6 – Experimentation with pattern and motif.

Image 7 – Sample of a pattern put in repeat.

Image 8 – Long length view pattern in repeat, screen print on paper.

Image 9 – Blue with black overlay screen print.

Image 10 – Leaf pattern repeat in light blue with floral motif, screen print on linen.

Image 11- Close-up light blue background pattern repeat.

Image 12 – Screen print on Linen.

Sample product – Cushions.

Image 1 – Sample cushions – 3 different sizes 40×40, 45×45, 60×60.

Image 2 – Black linen piping trim on 40×40 & 45×45 cushions. Green satin piping trim 60×60.

Image 3 – Dandelion Cushion. Hand Screen print, four colours on linen cloth, black linen piped trim, 40×40 cushion with feather inner. (Front view).

Image 4 – Co-ordinating (back view) of Dandelion cushion. Hand screen print, two colours.

Image 5 – Hand screen print, three colours on linen. Black linen piped trim. 45×45 cushion with feather inner.

Image 6 – Black piped trim detail on 45×45 cushion.

Image 7 – Bleeding Heart Cushion. Hand screen print, seven colours on cotton cloth. Green satin piped trim. 60×60 cusion with inner.

Image 8 – Bleeding Heart cushion.

Image 9 – Lords and Ladies Cushion. Hand screen print, four colours on cotton cloth. Black piped trim. 45×45 cushion and feather inner. (Front view)

Image 10 – Lords and Ladies Cushion. (back view) Hand screen print, four colours on cotton cloth.