Coloured Florals

Best to add a splash of colour before scanning into Photoshop to prepare for a digital print.

Image 1 – Watercolour and pencil.

Image 2 – Clematis, watercolour.

Image 3 – Campanula, watercolour and pencil.

Image 4 – Poppy, pencil, watercolour and pen.

Image 5 – Orchid, pencil and watercolour.

Image 6 – Lords and Ladies, watercolour and pencil drawing.

Image 7 – Meadow Flower, pencil and watercolour.

Image 8 – Snowdrop Bulb, pencil and watercolour.

Image 9 – Honeysuckle, pencil and watercolour.

Image 10 – Geranium and Butterfly, pencil and watercolour.

Image 11 – Buttercup, pencil and watercolour.

Image 12 – Lupin, Pencil and watercolour.

Image 13 – Grannies Bonnet, pencil and watercolour.

Image 14 – Forest Buttercup, pencil and watercolour.


Floral and insect sketches.

Image 1 – Gathering all sketches together for fabric print thoughts and ideas.

Image 2 – Once observing images on wall my first thoughts in developing a fabric print are to work on several colourways, scales, compostion and intergrating more insects amoung the florals.

Image 3 – Damselfly.

Image 4 – Wildflower.

Image 5 – Poppy, pencil sketch with tiny bit of colour added.

Image 6 – Pencil Sketch.

Image 7- Floral and insects.

Image 8 – Close-up insect.

Image 9 – Floral and Insect pencil sketch.

Image 10 – Floral sketch.

image 11- Close-Up Aquileqia or as I like to call it Grannies bonnet!

Digital Print Samples

From previous experimentation, here are some examples of digital prints.

In a previous post, I showcased the same print but hand-screen printed.  This time, my goal was to complete a digital print with as much “hand-printed” detail as possible.

Image 1 – Digital print Anemone on cotton.

Image 2 – Close-up Digital Print Anemone on Cotton.

Image 3 – Digital Print, this one was not so successful as I lost most of the black line detail in the leaves.

Image 4 – Close-up digital print on cotton.


Work in progress.  I like turning my pencil drawings into prints.

My workflow involves going direct from my sketchbook to Photoshop and then on to developing pattern in repeats.

Just a few pencil drawings.

Image 1 – Honeysuckle.

Image 2 – Pretty shapes to draw.

Image 3 – I love sketching florals in pencil.

Image 4 – Drawing in pencil ready to develop into screen print.

Image 5 – More pencil drawings.

Image 6 – Insect in pencil.

Image 7 – Close-up of honeysuckle.

Image 8 – Clematis pencil drawing.

Image 9 – In the studio; a day of sketching.

Image 10 – Sketching a Campanula I plucked on way into Uni.

Image 11 – Pencil drawing.

More sketches to follow along with development work as they evolve into prints on fabric.