Preparing for Exhibition…

Time is literally flying by as I put the finishing touches on my Art-Botany Collection.

The Bath Spa University MA Textiles exhibition kicks off this week at the “American Museum in Britain” located on the outskirts of beautiful Bath.

Full details, including directions to the Museum can be found on Bath Spa University’s website here:¬†

In the meantime, here are a few preview pics…enjoy!


Bleeding Heart



New Designers – work in progress

What a brilliant opportunity to have two of my cushions selected for the Bath Spa University MA work in progress stand at New Designers 2012. A few photos from my visit on Wednesday 26th June 2012.

Image 1 – Left of stand.

Image 2 – Cushions.

Image 3 – Right of stand.

Image 4 – My Cushions.

Image 5 – MA stand New Designers 2012.

Image 6 – New Designers 2012, Bath Spa University MA Stand.