Preparing for Exhibition…

Time is literally flying by as I put the finishing touches on my Art-Botany Collection.

The Bath Spa University MA Textiles exhibition kicks off this week at the “American Museum in Britain” located on the outskirts of beautiful Bath.

Full details, including directions to the Museum can be found on Bath Spa University’s website here:

In the meantime, here are a few preview pics…enjoy!


Bleeding Heart



Coloured Florals

Best to add a splash of colour before scanning into Photoshop to prepare for a digital print.

Image 1 – Watercolour and pencil.

Image 2 – Clematis, watercolour.

Image 3 – Campanula, watercolour and pencil.

Image 4 – Poppy, pencil, watercolour and pen.

Image 5 – Orchid, pencil and watercolour.

Image 6 – Lords and Ladies, watercolour and pencil drawing.

Image 7 – Meadow Flower, pencil and watercolour.

Image 8 – Snowdrop Bulb, pencil and watercolour.

Image 9 – Honeysuckle, pencil and watercolour.

Image 10 – Geranium and Butterfly, pencil and watercolour.

Image 11 – Buttercup, pencil and watercolour.

Image 12 – Lupin, Pencil and watercolour.

Image 13 – Grannies Bonnet, pencil and watercolour.

Image 14 – Forest Buttercup, pencil and watercolour.

Insect sketches.

Image 1 – Insect pencil drawings.

Image 2 – Insect pencil drawings from sketchbook.

Image 3 – Insect pencil drawing.

Image 4 – Butterfly from Archives, pencil drawing.
Image 5 – Moth pencil drawing.
Image 6 – Moths and snail, pencil drawing.

Image 7 – Cocoon and Caterpillar pencil drawing.

Image 8 – Damselfly, watercolour and pencil.
Image 9 – From archives, pinned butterfly pencil sketch.
Image 10- Corsham Court Archives, butterfly pencil drawings.

Image 11 – Butterfly pencil drawings from natural history archives Corsham Court.

Image 12 – Caterpillars, Pencil drawing.

Photography Studio Trial run…

With the opportunity to use a professional photography studio, I thought I would test it out on my sample cushions and artwork.  With the help of the technician, who set up the equipment and lighting, here are my photos.

Image 1 – Three sample cushions

Image 2 – Four sample cushions

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New Designers – work in progress

What a brilliant opportunity to have two of my cushions selected for the Bath Spa University MA work in progress stand at New Designers 2012. A few photos from my visit on Wednesday 26th June 2012.

Image 1 – Left of stand.

Image 2 – Cushions.

Image 3 – Right of stand.

Image 4 – My Cushions.

Image 5 – MA stand New Designers 2012.

Image 6 – New Designers 2012, Bath Spa University MA Stand.

Lace in Translation

Through the work of Tord Boontje, Studio Demakersvan and Cal Lane this article looks at Lace being adopted into a contemporary perspective. See link.

Tord Boontje, Raffia Lace Curtain, Philadelphia, 2009

Cal Lane prepping oil tank

1,000 gallon oil tank, oxy-acetylene cut and welded steel; paint; burnt lawn, Cal Lane, 2009.

It is brilliant how from an old rusty tank you can create something which is definitely visually appealing by using a delicate form of lace pattern.

Lace Fence, Galvanized PVC-coated wire, Demakersvan, 2009.

Again another Ordinary structure we see everyday transformed into something visually more appealing.

Update: Here’s an interesting video summary of the exhibition.

Lace In Translation from Canary Promotion + Design on Vimeo.

Rob Ryan

Making Great Illustration

Making Great Illustration

Also on my Research reading list was Derek Brazell and Jo Davies, Making Great Illustration.

An article within this book focused on the works of Rob Ryan and I found it very interesting.  I really like this description the Author has for Ryan:

The process of marrying the conceptual, aesthetic and techniqual properties intrinsic to his imagery is a complex one.

As Rob Ryan recognises himself he understands that the:

“exquisitness of the detail and the aesthetic of this medium is part of the allure, reflecting, people love things that have been painstakingly crafted.  It can be spellbinding even if they don’t like art”

Believe in Goodness

Rob Ryan

Hand crafted delicate patterns from paper.

Rob Ryan

I really admire his work, so pretty and very visually appealing.

From reading about Rob Ryan I am impressed with how he develops his cuttings from stories.  As the Author states, he jots down thoughts prolifically in notebooks, instructions such as ‘Do a picture about not resisting change‘. Ryan explains this further’:

“Some ideas you can’t do a sketch for.  You have to write them down and then find a way of representing them later in pictorial form. Sometimes there are drawings I have in sketchbooks which I can develop”.

I can see a link here to Risatti’s concept of designers starting out with a ‘Purpose.’  Also, I found the inclusion of narrative, drama, story all very engaging.


Recently found this video interview:




Brazell, Derek and Jo Davies, “Making Great Illustration“, A & C Black Publishers Ltd., 2011.