Natural History Archives

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Natural History Archives at Corsham Court, Bath University Campus.

I had a wonderful time looking through the many drawers full of all sorts; from beautiful shells, pottery, minerals, stones, fossils, snakeskin, birds and insects.

As part of my botanical studies, I am also including insects in my work.  The Archives, with respect to insects, were mostly comprised of Butterflies, which were very pretty but I was after more unusual insects to draw.

I still had a “kid-in-a-sweet-shop” moment opening each drawer to reveal little boxes full of interesting finds!

Image 1 – Corsham Court Campus.
Image 2 – Corsham Court.
Image 3 – Stable block studio rooms.
Image 4 – The Archives.
Image 5 – Even before I began my search, interesting items on display.
Image 6 – More boxes and shelves to look inside.
Image 7 – All labelled!
Image 8 – Snakeskins.
Image 9 – I pulled this guy out! What was left of him!
Image 10 – I left this guy in there!
Image 11- Not sure what these guys are.
Image 12 – Coral.
Image 13 – Pretty shell all very dusty but still retained a lovely colour.
Image 14 – More shells.
Image 15 – Shells.
Image 16 – Seeds.
Image 17 – Mouse nest in the seed drawer with a mummified mouse in it!
Image 18 – Butterflies tucked away in a display box.
Image 19 – Butterflies.
Image 20 – Butterfly.
Image 21 – Close-up.
Image 22 – Red Butterfly.
Image 23 – Close-up Butterfly.
Image 24 – Butterfly case.

Please note these are very old archives.  As you can see, the butterflies are not in a great order but from a creative point of view interesting!

Prettier pics to upload soon I promise!!!

Hope I have not scared you off!


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