Inside Cole & Son

I’ve been a big fan of Cole & Son‘s work, in particular their Fornasetti collection.  My favourites from that collection, if I had to choose are Fiori, and Mediterranea.

Cole & Son's Fiori

Cole & Son’s Fiori

Cole & Son's Mediterranea

Cole & Son’s Mediterranea

Also, the Contemporary I and Contemporary II Collections are inspirational!  The variety of the individual prints…all very unique, and Malabar’s unique use of Paisley is really engaging.

Cole & Son's Malabar

Cole & Son’s Malabar

I’ve also found an excellent video that offers a look inside the magical print rooms of Cole & Son and thought I’d share it with you.

Also, their recent collection, Geometric gets a nice introduction here from Cole & Son’s Managing Director, Simon Glendenning.

Lastly, a Cole & Son feature from the TV series How Do They Do It.



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