Paper Sculptures…


Another Artist I discovered is Sydney-based Anna-Wili Highfield.

I love what she has made, and again, a brilliant way of recycling paper!

After some serious consideration, I have decided that even though I love all her pieces,  the Owl wins as my favourite!

Boobook 2010 Ink, watercolours, archival cotton paper, cotton thread, brass rod, timber plinth. 70cm x 80cm x 33cm

Check our her website here.



Paper, Recycling = Aesthetic Objects

Brian Jewett's Ticket Bowls

Teapot Made From a Roll of Tickets

Brian Jewett's Ticket Bowls

Brian Jewett's Ticket Bowls

I love this.

Plenty of ideas out there relating to what you can do with paper.

Also, a great method of recycling!

This has inspired me to think about the use of paper in my work and also how and what I can recycle, reuse, revive, refurbish, re-imagine, re-invent, re-purpose.

Check out more of Massachusetts-based Brian Jewett’s work here.