Lace in Translation

Through the work of Tord Boontje, Studio Demakersvan and Cal Lane this article looks at Lace being adopted into a contemporary perspective. See link.

Tord Boontje, Raffia Lace Curtain, Philadelphia, 2009

Cal Lane prepping oil tank

1,000 gallon oil tank, oxy-acetylene cut and welded steel; paint; burnt lawn, Cal Lane, 2009.

It is brilliant how from an old rusty tank you can create something which is definitely visually appealing by using a delicate form of lace pattern.

Lace Fence, Galvanized PVC-coated wire, Demakersvan, 2009.

Again another Ordinary structure we see everyday transformed into something visually more appealing.

Update: Here’s an interesting video summary of the exhibition.

Lace In Translation from Canary Promotion + Design on Vimeo.


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