Words that define my Research

As I traveled along my research journey, I made some new verbal friends. How many (honestly) do you know?

Dichotomy – Division or contrast between, two things, opposed for being different.

Trammel – Imprison, restrict, freedom.

Usurp – Overtake. To take by force.

Pastiche – Hodge-podge or imitation.

Teutonic – A Germanic tribe that was based in and around Denmark.

Vicissitudes – Alternations to Opposites.

Taxonomy – Is the science of identifying and naming species. Sub-divide into logical groups.

Chiaroscuro – Light and shade in drawings.

Apotropaic – Having the power to avert bad influences.

Impetus – The drive, a moving force.

Raison d’être – Means purpose that justifies a things exsistance.

Primordial – Original, beginning.

 Vis-à-vis – In relation to, as compared with.

Ubiquitous – Found everywhere.

Morphologically – Shape, form and structure.

Modicum – A small quantity or portion.

Intrinsic – Belonging naturally.

Disseminated – Spread or disperse widely.

Epochs – The beginning of a distinctive period or particular era.

Predilections – In favour of, preference.


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