MA Show Sept 2012 American Museum

Please click on the link below for MA Show.  Please use the buttons to zoom in to have a closer look.

More images below from show.

Image 1 – Digital and Hand screen printed cushions and fabric drop.

Image 2 – Digital fabric drop with co-ordinating cushions and seating.

Image 3 – Botanicals and insects.

Image 4 – Hand printed cushions. Florals on front, insects on reverse, linen and cotton fabric compositions.

Image 5 – Up-cycled wooden crate display.

Image 6 – Me and my work.


Preparing for Exhibition…

Time is literally flying by as I put the finishing touches on my Art-Botany Collection.

The Bath Spa University MA Textiles exhibition kicks off this week at the “American Museum in Britain” located on the outskirts of beautiful Bath.

Full details, including directions to the Museum can be found on Bath Spa University’s website here:

In the meantime, here are a few preview pics…enjoy!


Bleeding Heart


Digital printer.

Image 2 – From computer screen to cloth.

Image 3 – Close-up, printing in process.

Image 4 – Lots of colour flexibility with digital printing.

Image 5 – Nearly finished.

Image 6 – Long fabric length, pattern in repeat.

Image 7 – Botanical print on linen.

Image 8 – Botanical and insects.

Image 9 – Close-up digital print.

Image 10 – After a steam and a wash hanging up to dry in studio!

Image 11 – Getting busy at my desk.

Image 12 – Just needs a good ironing now and ready for show!

In the print room.

Image 1 – Screens and layout.

Image 2 – Clematis, preparing for print.

Image 3 – Last colour, nearly done.

Image 4 – Adding the last colour.

Image 5 – Nearly finished.


Image 6 – Finished hand print on linen, 7 colours.

Image 7 – From a pencil drawn to a screen print.










Screen printing.

Some examples of screen printed botanicals and insects ready to be made into cushions.

Image 1 – Honeysuckle hand print on linen, front of cushion cover, 8 colours.

Image 2 – Insect to co-ordinate with honeysuckle,reverse of cushion cover, 8 colours.

Image 3 – Close-up, hand print on linen, 3 colours.

Image 4 – Close-up, hand print on linen, 5 colours.

Caption 5 – Nearly completed print with the last colour to add.

Image 6 – Close-up of nearly completed print.

Image 7 – On the print table.

Image 8 – Finished hand print on linen/cotton mix, 7 colours.

Image 9 – Close-up finished print for cushion cover.

Image 10 – Close-up with black line detail.

Image 11 – Nearly completed hand print on linen.

Image 12 – Completed hand print on linen, front cushion cover, 8 colours.

Image 13 – Reverse of cushion hand printed moth on linen, 4 colours.

Image 14 – Reverse of cushion, hand printed moth on linen, 5 colours.

Digital print colour testing.

Here are some examples of colour testing.  I found hand painting then scanning my drawings onto the computer was more effective than using the colouring tool in photoshop.

Image 1 – Testing pencil drawing on linen.

Image 2 – Pencil, paint and ink drawing, digital print onto cotton satin.

Image 3 – Close up of digital print on cotton satin.

Image 4 – Lupin pencil drawing scanned in with colouring added using photoshop.

Image 5 – Sections taken from several images for colour testing onto linen, digital print.

Image 6 – Close-up, digital print colour test on linen.

Image 6 – Colour testing on linen.

As seen in image above non coloured sections in image are showing up as yellow as this is the sketch book page.  I have gone back into photoshop to clean this up for a better print finish as below.

Image 7 – Colour test cleaned up digital print on linen.

Image 8 – Close-up cleaned up non coloured section of digital print on linen.

Image 9 – Insect colour testing digital print on linen.

Image 10 – Close-up colour test on linen.

Coloured Florals

Best to add a splash of colour before scanning into Photoshop to prepare for a digital print.

Image 1 – Watercolour and pencil.

Image 2 – Clematis, watercolour.

Image 3 – Campanula, watercolour and pencil.

Image 4 – Poppy, pencil, watercolour and pen.

Image 5 – Orchid, pencil and watercolour.

Image 6 – Lords and Ladies, watercolour and pencil drawing.

Image 7 – Meadow Flower, pencil and watercolour.

Image 8 – Snowdrop Bulb, pencil and watercolour.

Image 9 – Honeysuckle, pencil and watercolour.

Image 10 – Geranium and Butterfly, pencil and watercolour.

Image 11 – Buttercup, pencil and watercolour.

Image 12 – Lupin, Pencil and watercolour.

Image 13 – Grannies Bonnet, pencil and watercolour.

Image 14 – Forest Buttercup, pencil and watercolour.